Attend A University Which Has The Back

Greater than 2 million students enter college every year hoping the colleges they attend will require proper care of them when problems and emergencies appear. Some students will enjoy the way in which their college reacts to their issues while some is going to be disappointed, some might be also outraged.

A lot of things happen on college campuses today that incoming students never anticipate. To create better comparisons, include these 4 elements when looking for colleges to go to.

College Comparison Factors

1. Credible Information – Will the college perform a good job of informing students concerning the good, unhealthy and also the ugly?

2. Atmosphere – Are Managers and Professors student- oriented? Could they be worried about student learning and success?

3. Students – Are fellow students happy, friendly and useful? Make sure to consult with as numerous students as you possibly can. Try to speak to some students inside your field of study.

4. Crime – Would be the campus and surrounding areas safe? The number of thefts occur on campus every year? Will the college provide students with statistics and safety advice? How effective may be the Security Pressure? The number of students were conned or assaulted this past year?

5. Rape and Sexual Assaults – Does your college report and publish statistics on rapes? Is rape prevention training presented to students? Are rapists worked with rapidly and firmly? The number of rapes occured in the past 5 years?

6. Drug Usage – How prevalent are drugs only at that college? Just when was the final drug raid? What sort of help do addicted students receive? The number of deaths have resulted from using drugs?

7. Alcohol – Is that this a celebration school? Is alcohol permitted on campus?

8. Hazing – Do Sororities, Fraternities, Clubs, Organizations and Recognition Societies use Hazing, in their initiation process?

9. Deaths – Typically, the number of students die every year? What’s the five-year good reputation for deaths?

10. Emergency Notification Procedures – Keeping students safe when there’s a harmful person on campus is crucial. What’s the procedure? How effective has it been previously?

11. Medical Help – How responsive and efficient may be the Campus Medical Department? What lengths may be the hospital? Do students understand how to get help, when there’s a clinical emergency?

12. Tutoring – Is tutoring open to students inside your field of study? Is help offered by your Professors?

13. Diversity – Exist Students, Managers and Professors of numerous different races, religions and cultures in your campus, within the dorms and also the classrooms?

14. Harassment – So how exactly does your college cope with students who consistently harass others? Would be the students being harassed informed of the options and legal rights?

15. Dispute Resolution – What is the dispute resolution process in position and conveyed to students? Do you use it?

16. Employment Assistance – Since Job Search Preparation is definitely an ongoing procedure that begins within the newbie of school and ends once the student accepts employment, will the college put sufficient time, people and sources into helping students get prepared?

17. Clubs, Organizations and Activities – Colleges that provide a pleasurable college experience provide several different ways for college students to understand, participate, lead and succeed. Will the college suit your needs in this region?

18. Parking – Students with automobiles should investigate availability, charges, rules and penalties regarding parking on campus. May be the parking situation acceptable for you?

19. On-time Graduation Rates – The supply of needed classes can generate problems for college students, because they near graduation. Will the college opt for upper class students who must enter into a category, to be able to graduate? Having to pay for an additional semester is definitely an costly solution.

20. Counseling Services – Large figures of scholars receive counseling. What’s the availability and effectiveness from the counselors you might need?

21. Cost / Status – Will the college have a very good status inside your field of study? The number of employers go to the college to recruit students inside your field? In the event you consider seeing a more costly college, one which attracts employers inside your field?

As students as well as their parents research, visit and assess the colleges on their own list, they ought to dig in deeply to locate the information necessary to consider that suits them. Because this list isn’t all-inclusive, students and fogeys can also add into it, before linked with emotions . make comparisons. Students should make sure that they find out the colleges which will get their backs.

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